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About The Epicurean Paparazza

Hiya and Welcome!
They say that when people hit their 40s, that a “mid-life crisis” occurs, right?  Now, I have thought this in the past about men that I saw reach their 40s, divorce their wives, go out and buy crazy-expensive sports cars, marry new wives who were the same age as their daughters….you get the drift.  We’ve ALL seen them.  But reasonable, educated women?  No way.
But now I wonder if that is what has happened to me….LOL.  I turned 40 in 2010, and decided that I needed to add to my growing list of career facets.  I went to college and got degrees in History and Government, and even taught for two years.  After years of being a part-time photographer, I moved into the role full-time in January 2009.  Then, after years of photography, years of writing experience, and years of eating at some pretty fabulous places (as well as cooking some pretty fabulous dishes myself)….I decided to combine them all and begin food writing/food photography.  We then decided to have a baby (well, my WIFE had the baby) at the end of 2011, and life has been crazy every since!  Over the course of 2012, we decided that we needed to make major changes in our eating/cooking/fitness, and have introduced vegan cooking into our daily routine – all the time for my wife, part of the time for me and the boy.  But we are healthier and losing weight and working out together and with friends…and it is FABULOUS!
And so…here it is, the beginning of 2013 and I am back.  Writing about the things that I cook, sharing recipes, reviewing restaurants when I can, cooking classes, cooking experiences, and overall culinary fabulousocity!  I am The Epicurean Paparazza….
Buon Appetito!


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  1. Do you have an email I could personally contact you about something? (a little privacy issue, nothing major)

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