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Part of what I love to do, aside from WRITING about food and PHOTOGRAPHING food, is COOKING food!  I have recipes of family favorites that I have been making for years, and have created my own personal brand for my homemade salsas, enchiladas, and beef jerkies (see widget for Hellasphere to link to my Facebook page).  But I also have been learning how to eat healthier, for myself and my family.  I have learned how to take many recipes and tweak them to make them healthier – lower carb, lower calorie.  I have grown to love Hungry Girl – her new show on the Cooking Channel, her books, her recipes.  But I can take even her low-calorie recipes and make them my own, and usually lower the carbs & calories a little bit more.  On this page you will find links to recipes that I have tried and loved – feel free to do the same!  Just look at the categories on the right-hand side to find recipes of all types…and enjoy!


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