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Global Peace Factory (Frisco, Tx.) – “Every Cup Counts”

When I went out in today’s dreary weather, the grey and drizzle of the day didn’t bother me at all, knowing that I was off to visit what I hoped to be a warm and cozy coffee house for the first time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, knowing that the place is situated in an upscale little corner of Frisco, right on the NW corner of Highway 121 and Legacy; but when I arrived, just seeing the outside of the place reminded me of some cool, eclectic shop that you might find in Austin or parts of D.C.  

I walked in right at noon, and there were only a couple of tables that had patrons at the time – but within fifteen minutes or so, there were more and more customers coming in and staying to enjoy their coffee and/or lunch.  The building looks smaller from the outside than what you walk into – there is not only the main dining area with tables and chairs (as well as a couch and small lounge chair), but also a stairwell that leads to a loft area with more seating above.  I was greeted by Myshel and Jared, who were working together behind the counter.  They readily answered my questions and made recommendations and suggestions for good lunchtime fare, as well a nod to a pastry of choice.

So I knew going in that I would want a coffee drink.  My drink of choice at the competition’s coffee house is a caramel/mocha frappucino made with soy milk, and I wanted to see if they had something comparable here at Global Peace Factory.  They indeed do have a similar beverage – the frappe’.  I asked what kind of dairy alternatives they have, since I have a pretty bad dairy allergy.  I normally use almond milk at home, to cook with and for smoothies and such; those other guys that make coffee only have soy milk as their dairy alternative.  I was pleased to hear that not only does GPF have the soy milk as an alternative, but also rice milk – at least there are choices!  I ordered my first caramel mocha Frappe’ with rice milk, which I have also never had.  They said it was good and I would like it, so I thought I would give it a  go.  It doesn’t seem to be as creamy as soy or almond milk, but the flavor was good and the change in type of milk was barely noticeable at all.  The caramel and mocha came through separately as well as mutually, making for a nice frozen coffee drink.

I then asked for suggestions for lunch, given that it was noon and I was getting hungry.  Immediately the word “Panini” came out of their mouths, so I figured I should trust them again and go for it.  I ordered a roast beef panini on sourdough bread (usually comes with cheddar cheese, red bell peppers, onion, roast beef, and a creamy horseradish sauce) – mine was made minus the cheese and bell peppers, with extra horseradish sauce.  They brought it out to me on a real plate, with real flatware, and it was fresh and steaming hot.  The roast beef didn’t appear to be just the typical deli-sliced lunchmeat that you or I would get from our local grocer; it was thick and very flavorful, like a Sunday roast that had been cut into sandwich slices.  The sourdough bread was infused with herbs on the outside, which added richness to the flavors of the sandwich.  I was able to eat half of my panini, and then had to have the other half packaged up to take with me – very filling and satisfying. There were several other choices for paninis:  Italian Turkey, Pomodoro Formaggio, and Turkey Club, to name a few.  I had a choice of breads as well for my sandwich:  Artisan Wheat, Sourdough, Jewish Rye, Health Bread (with nuts and sunflower seeds cooked into it).  There were four choices of cheese and several add-ons (double meat, chips, etc.), making the decisions unique to each patron who orders.  The last option that I saw on the menu was their salad, which could be ordered as a side salad, a full meal house salad, with or without meat.  This was so nice – to walk into a coffee house, but have the option to have more than JUST pastries or muffins to go with my beverage (and the “real” food isn’t just popped into a microwave, but cooked fresh to order).

One of the things that Jared suggested trying, if I were going to try one of their pastry treats, was the Almond Croissant.  It looked amazing, but I was too full from my panini and frappe’ to get one today – but am planning on it the next time I visit.  It was a HUGE croissant, with a flaky looking top, almond slices, and powdered sugar.  There were other baked goods in the case, and I believe that I saw an ice cream case (but am not 100% sure of this one).  But there were so many other things on the menu that I want to try, so I’m guaranteed to go back many more times.

Some of the other offerings that you will find at Global Peace Factory that you WON’T find at other large-chain coffee houses are “spirited” coffees, like Irish Cream and coffee, for instance.  They also have wines (sold by the glass OR the bottle) and specialty beers.  They have the standard coffee house selections, of course:  drip coffee, latte’s, cappuccinos, espressos, teas, hot chocolate, juices (fresh-squeezed), and smoothies.  They have a drink of the month – for March it is an Irish Cream Latte’….of course!  There are several different flavors for coffee drinks, sauces, and fruits to choose from.  And icing on the cake is that Jared is a master, professional barista, well capable of creating fantastic blends of coffee drinks with foam artwork on top, while carefully mixing and balancing flavors!

I really enjoyed my visit to Global Peace Factory – and am looking forward to returning to try more and different selections.  The prices may have been a little – and I mean only slightly – higher than the other guys, but the quality of food and service was on another level so as to afford the extra cost.  The Wi-Fi was free (but you have to ask for the security network key), and another plus:  they deliver!  Yes, if you can’t make it to them, they will bring it to YOU!  One thing I do know, I have NEVER seen a coffee house that offer this service – definitely adding another unique notch to what sets them apart.


Global Peace Factory   

1377 Legacy Drive, Suite 100 / Frisco, Tx. 75034

Phone:  214.705.2664

“…a world in peace, not in pieces.”